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We are proud to present our next project to the world : Insanity 
The movie is currently in the worldwide film festival circuit.
How do you know if your reality is real? A trip into the mind of a twisted woman.
Sabine Mondestin: Director /Writer/producer : -416-342-8030
Steve Lareau : Producer/Editor/Camera/Music  
Bruno Nella :Executif Producer/ Camera Assistant
Anthony Ecclissi : Assistant Director
Caroline Adair : Script Consultant
Melanie Berthelot: Camera assistant
Bruno Nella
Sabine Mondestin
Anthony Ecclissi
Steve Lareau
Carolyn Adair
Mason Jamzz
Watch the Trailer : 

13 Witches selected to be in a BOOK !

"13 Witches" was selected to be in a book by Vincent Terrace

Great News ! The book by Vincent Terrace Call "Internet Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Television Series, 1998-2013 " is OUT !!!

And "13 Witches" was selected to be in this book

New Yorker Vincent Terrace has worked as a researcher for ABC television and is the television historian for BPOLIN Productions (an independent film and television producing company). He has written more than 30 books, many about television and radio.

So it's really a great honor and an amazing boost fto attrack serious investors in the film version !!!

You can get the book here

The Red Carpet Affair coverage by Snap Toronto

The fundraising event  "The Red Carpet Affair " by MyDestiny Production for the movie " Art of Life" received a great media coverage by Snap Toronto Downtown.

Thank you John Ortner and Snap for this amazing coverage ... We are glad to be Snap'd by you :-)

Look for the paper version at any kiosk.

Here's the online link[]=668640&utm_source=email&utm_medium=snapd

The Red Carpet Affair Pictures

MyDestiny Production Red Carpet Affair was amazing . This event was a fundraising for our next movie called " Art of Life".

We created a "paparazzi" feeling to the event with 5 photographers and some great entertainment. With so much talents we could not ask for more .

Here's some amazing pictures by Garon Chu to book and contact him : and follow him on Flickr:



Pictures by the talented Aninash Tripathi to book him:



Picture by the great Meagan Barreto at the Red Carpet Affair find her on Facebook 











The Red Carpet Affair on May 17 th

MyDestiny Production Red Carpet Affair


 We are so excited to launch our company to Toronto with our first Red Carpet event in Toronto .

It's a fundraising event for our next film called "Art of Life" .It's a touching tale of hope and healing is about 5 human beings finding the courage to fight their inner demons with the support of each others.

We will featured some amazing performances ... A little bit about our performers and our Host 


Stacy-Ann Buchanan Host



 Stacy-Ann Buchanan is a professionally trained theater and film actress. She is also an accomplished commercial model who has graced magazine editorials, fashion shows, swimsuit calendars, makeup tutorial videos, spokes-model for several clothing lines and numerous other projects. In 2009 she produced and hosted her first talk show with ThatChannel and worked as a

hostess/interviewer with Urban Review for events happening in and around the city of Toronto. In September of 2010 Stacy-Ann landed her first leading role in a short film called Trespassing, which has acclaimed great reviews. In 2012 she produced her first event The Mystic Effect (TME), a show skillfully intertwined music, poetry, dance, fashion and film. The success of the show firmly planted Stacy-Ann as a Producer and Creative Director and prompted her to create her production company, Stacy-Ann Buchanan Productions in 2012. On April 28, 2013 in collaboration with TME 2013 her company was launched. Ms. Buchanan also prides herself on being a budding Philanthropist. Part proceeds from The Mystic Effect 2012 went towards the 4wd committee (a division of the Jamaica 50th Anniversary celebration) and in 2013, part proceeds went towards Urban Arts, a non-profit charitable youth organization. On March 8, 2014 Stacy-Ann was presented with the Entrepreneur Award at the International Women Achievement Awards. Shortly after she established the Stacy-Ann Buchanan Bursary. The Bursary is a monetary gift that will be given to a student entering his/her fist year of College and pursuing Arts related studies or courses. This Bursary is available through the Jamaican Canadian Association and will be presented at its annual Scholarship Awards ceremony held in September. Part proceeds from every The Mystic Effect show will go towards this Bursary.


Megan Leach


Megan Leach is an actress, singer, dancer and writer who loves life and dares to dream big. Born and raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, a very loving family and community fostered her creativity and passion for music. Now based in Toronto, Canada Megan is pursuing her passion creating music with artists from around the world. Megan's unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, soulful harmonies and rhythmic grooves ignite the heart, mind, body and spirit - transcending the listener into a playful vibe of reflection, inspiration and escape. Megan believes that music is life, and she is delighted to share "Best of Luck" - her debut single and music video with the world.


Matt Rubel

Matt Rubel is a television production worker, web producer, writer, and comic, performing most regularly at Paul Belini's Liar Liar show. His current comedy web series, Shoot the Messenger, is available for free viewing at:


Alina Christensen

Alina Christensen is a singer, actor and model in Toronto. After graduating from York University's Theatre program, she has performed in musical theatre, a stage production of A Clockwork Orange, and recently performed in a French production of The Vagina Monologues. She is always training to improve her craft and develop her creative process.


Colin Leggett


Colin Leggett is a writer/comedian based out of Toronto. He was born in London, Ontario and attended McMaster University. During his time at McMaster, Colin began performing stand up comedy around Hamilton. He attended Humber College for Television Writing and now resides in Toronto. Colin can be seen playing 'Colin' on the webseries, 'Shoot the Messenger.' 


Tomiko Stanton


Tomiko Stanton, is an up and coming Canadian singer-songwriter. She is also a model/ dancer/ actress. The born and raised Torontoian started singing at the age of 5 and began writing songs at 12 years old. Her influences are Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Augilera and Mya. Tomiko is very is very passionate about music and is looking to pursue a long, successful career in the music industry, as a recording artist/ songwriter. 


Jay Davis 


 “At a very young age I knew I wanted to sing.” Jay says, “, Concerts and musicals were my soap operas. Soul Train, talent shows such as Soul Search fed my appetite for some of my favorite artists like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight & the Pipps, Barbara Streisand. I like all kinds of music. I admire the perfection in the delivery and the excitement from bands like the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Mighty Diamonds, Michael Jackson.”

 Fans across Canada, the United States, and England are connecting to Jay Harmony in admiration of her energetic and engaging performance style and vocal range. Some describe jay as a “force of personality” with “excellent controlled vocals”, “unique”, “powerful and soulful.” Her latest singles “All Gone” and “Lip Therapy” has dramatically increased her fan base and landed her international radio airplays. Her single “All Gone” climbed the R&B charts to hit #1 on Reverb Canada. “It was exciting that the song was at #1 for over 8 months. What a ride” she says, “This is something I can get used to.”

“Music was my life way before I knew it was my undying passion. It has been an incredible journey towards success in the music business, and although the music industry has changed dramatically over the years, my passion has not waned. Quite the opposite, actually, my drive has increased tremendously.  My journey is lined with well-wishers who continue to encourage me “to never give up.” They are extra fuel to keep me driving.”

 Down-to-earth and humble; you will love her singing just as much as you will her personality.  She’s got a raspy, yet delicate and a sassy yet classy voice. A versatile singer/songwriter/actor/vocal coach, her performances will enthrall you. She likes to describe her style as “Motown meets R&B with a dash of Jazz and reggae wrapped up in a lot of soul.”  . It is chilling to listen to her beautiful voice as she transitions from raspy to silky so effortlessly in her performances. She interacts with her fans as if she has known them for years!  Her spirit seems to uplift others wherever she goes.

 The winner of several urban music awards including “Most Promising New Artist” and “Top Female Vocalist”, Jay has put her personal brand of powerful vocals and talented remixes to  such hits as “No One” by Alicia Keys, “I don’t want to cry” by Mariah Carey and “Borderline” by Madonna.

 Jay has performed alongside popular artists such as Amy Sky, Culture, Dobby Dobson, Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, General Trees, Mutabaruka, Admiral Bailey, Luciano, and has graced many of Canada’s

 popular concert venues like Massey Hall – home of many legendary performers such as the Rolling Stones. She has played the Toronto Convention Centre, The Rogers Centre, Hilton’s hotel & conference Centre – P.A.C.E Canada gala – Double Tree Hotel by Hilton Toronto Airport, the Rose Theatre, and the Brighton Convention Centre and many other venues to near full capacity audience.

 “I grew up in the church.”  she says, “Singing in the choir is how I found my voice.  Today, I have performed at hundreds of stage shows, weddings, dinners and galas in venues including Massey Hall, and the Rogers Centre.  “It’s great when you can live your dreams! I am big dreamer!” she says “and a great believer that dreams do come true!”   

 Jay Harmony “Aim to inspire others” 416-556-2899


Keeaundra Hammill

Keeaundra Hammill, known to many as "Kiki", is a Toronto-based artist. Kiki's passion is anything and eveything that has to do with the entertainment industry. She has been dancing on stage in front of an audience since the age of 3, and has been playing the piano since the age of four. She now plays a total of four instruments. Kiki sings and writes her own songs. She was honoured to be invited to sing the national anthem for a professional hockey team in front of a crowd of over one thousand people, her biggest crowd for a live performance. Recently Kiki competed in the Rotary Burlington Music Festival, winning a scholarship. Kiki has performed in film, TV, commercials, and on stage. She recently published her first book, titled "I Hate Eating Broccoli", which is availabe on Kiki is honoured to be performing a solo at the event for Art of Life by founder Sabine Mondestin of My Destiny Production.